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Troubles With Recording Via Pod Xt Live

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I have a guitar ESP eclipse II with active pickups and I use Pod XT Live as audio interface. The signal handle on the outlet is set to maximum but not clipped. During the recording a guitar rhythm doesn't cause any problems, but when I'm recording solo, outlet sound comes out very quietly, approximately -15 db. How to amplify the level of a sound? Previously I had Tone Port and used Pod Farm, which has a button "+18 db", I pressed the button and outlet sound became amplified (louder). Then I was recording solo and at the end I just turned off the button and kept recording in a usual mode. How can I amplify the outlet sound?
The Pod Farm doesn't recognize XT Live, although the drivers are installed, why is that? And could Pod XT Live and Pod Farm be combined? I record through a real-time sequencer. And originally it's a clear signal recorded to make re-amping afterwards.

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POD Farm is not used to edit tones for the xt or X series, you would use Gearbox (or Edit)  for that.


The drop in output is likely due to different patch settings. You may need to adjust the channel volume and/or levels/gains of other effects.


If you are recording via USB, you can set the PODxt Live to send the unprocessed signal to your DAW, while monitoring the wet.

This option can be found in the Line6 Audio-MIDI Devices control panel.

Then after recording you can add the POD Farm plug-in post processing.

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