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Studiogx And Farm With Another Account Use My Model Packs

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I own pod XT with all the model packs and the I have an opportunity to buy studio GX with pod farm but the the product states "hardware comes provided with a Line 6 account that has already been made with the license registered to it. You will not be able to transfer the license to another account. You will however be provided with the email that was made to use the account to ensure the account is solely yours."

My question is:
if my XT and model packs are under my current email and pod farm will be under the one registered to the GX, is there anyway to use my model packs with pod farm (I would be ok if my XT needed to be attached)?
because they are separate, pod farm will never see the model packs or load them? I have so many tones with the model packs and really want to use those amps in farm
The activation on all these get kind of confusing. It seems if you buy a used unit its tied to it's own account for life...unless there is a way to merge?
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basically he's saying that you would lose the model packs if you register with another account... he's giving you the account... so no big deal...

if you want to register it to your account and use your licenses you can do that... but fair warning... the xt comes with the power pack so you may not have purchased it....

and as such it may not be available to the other device....

but yes, you can use your xt power packs with pod farm....

either way it looks like the end result is the same....

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If he gives you the account, then you can transfer the GX to your account and use it  with your model packs.  POD Farm will follow the GX.  Model packs that are registered to that account can also be transferred to your account by using a one-time process called "gifting"

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not always the case... if the licenses were comped or even purchased at a discount... FYI


If he gives you the account, then you can transfer the GX to your account and use it  with your model packs.  POD Farm will follow the GX.  Model packs that are registered to that account can also be transferred to your account by using a one-time process called "gifting"

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thanks everyone...that clears things up a bit.


I still have questions ..


1. looks like only risk is power pack as it is definitely part of the XT cause it shows italic on manager. I am wonder how many of that is built in the standard it may not matter on that and the gifting may be an option. The farm would be the standard so no packs at all initially


2. this one-time process called "gifting" may be ok, but does that mean I can not use my XT anymore with those model packs and can't go PC free? or do I just not licence farm with XT as hardware instead of GX ? other issue on gifting is that the packs came when I bought XT so not sure if gifting option got used @ some point in history or even if purchased at a discount (does that means purchased as bundle deal which is on the site?. Seems like you are saying discounts voids that gifting option? I am wondering how i can tell if gifting was used or packs were purchased as a discount?  .....assuming gifting has never been done before, Does gifting just happen when you register is there any special thing you have to do to make this option work?



*  Yes the GX and farm does not have any model packs...It would be standard so it would be receiving the model packs from the other licence. In regards to gifting

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1. standard pod farm does not have the power pack built in...

2. you cant gift packs that come factory installed anyway... so you can't gift the pack from the xt to the gx. gifting meant transferring the model packs from the gx account to your main xt account. also if anything other than the power pack "came with" your xt, you will likely lose them if you connect it to monkey... 


check here: to see if you can gift them... it will give you an error if you can't...

might be a better idea to call line6 and tell them what you want to do... they may be able to simplify the process since basically you want to change things on their end... only so much you can do from your end.


you can use the model packs on 4 devices or computers at one time... so you won't lose them... you will just be sharing them.


from the sounds of things... you have a used xt that came with the model packs... you won't be able to do anything with those...

seriously highly recommend that you call support... you can only lose the model packs on your own from the sounds of things...

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xt was purchased with model packs 2nd hand installed and also I have the account so I can create a backup in case there is an issue, to use with farm (a seller would be giving me the user account with that ) is the concern. I actually don't mind farm and all the packs being under XT. It is just merging the two which has me nervous.I probably would not loose the packs since I did back them up and can always do another XT activate, but then end goal is:



model packs (all three 1 is tied to XT)

all on the XT and activated against that


Sounds like line 6 is the best to try as it gets kind of complicated. ...but anyway that is the scenerio I have. I don't want to buy farm and then upgrade later to get the packs I have and use now so hoping there is a way. A lot of presets are done on the XT and gearbox and when I go over to farm they may sound a little different so be nice to actually toggle back and forth while I try to "pod farmize" all my gearbox settings. I can give up gearbox cause farm reads them in and really there would be no going back as farm is more robost...but anyway there it is......thanks for you replies

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to clarify also and result is:


  • I start pod farm standard
  • recognizes all my packs including the power packs which I guess is exclusive to the XT
  • I have the keep the XT connected as it is the set hardware with farm (that is fine)
  • I can still open gearbox on same computer (but if it was another that would be fine)
  • gearbox would also read all the model packs as they are on the XT (usually reads during its splash screen)
  • I could toggle back to farm reads it all in as normal

* One thing I do understand is that once I "farmize" a sound with some settings that are not in gearbox, then it can not be read in, so some of the sounds I get by tuning further with farm are when connected to PC only. Farm can not download to the XT to go standalone. This is correct right? I think I am understanding it as:


  • gearbox when you want to take a tone with you as XT standalone (PC free)
  • podfarm if you want to ulitimate tone but need a PC connected, the XT is optional as a nice low latancy sound card if you want, but you need at least a laptop to go mobile with your farm tone.

So kind of cool if I can have both scenarios with my model packs

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+1 to Zap. Line6 may be able to simply the whole matter for you.


But to clear up a few points, Gearbox with the xt is only a graphical interface to edit your tones, it does not process sound.

The xt is always processing the sound regardless of whether or not you are connected to a pc.

POD Farm will not interface with the xt for tone editing, it may however be used a s a plug-in in your DAW with the xt acting as a dongle to authorize the model packs, or used for processing tone in real-time with a POD Studio (with a pc).

Anytone you have from Gearbox should sound the same in POD Farm before you start tweaking.

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  • 3 weeks later...

"to begin with..."

such an odd phrase coming from someone that hasn't been in this thread at all.. with no backstory or relevance to the topic that we can see...


but yeah... sure... much easier to buy all your stuff NEW and register it yourself, rather than have multiple accounts... because you bought things USED... (as in line6 never saw a penny of your money....)

obviously... it's just a small amount of effort, for the big bucks you clearly must have saved...


Am I the only one who thinks its ridiculous to have to go through all of this to begin with?

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  • 2 months later...

Well, I have just purchased a brand new GX (was not more than used are). This should make it easier I hope. Will call or email line 6 and see how this all goes down. This is what I will be asking them:


Transfer a brand new GX to my current account (tied to my pod XT currently) and use both with my model packs, essentially lumping the accounts together. I am with the understanding that by doing this:
  • - POD Farm will follow the GX, so if account is moved (gifted or whatever the term), that the model packs that are currently registered to my current account will be recognized in PodFarm
  • -Power Pack (cames with my XT and somewhat tied to that) may or may not be recognized by Farm. If I get lucky and they are, it will for sure require that XT is connected at run time, so it essentially becomes a dongle to get those tones in that particular pack.
  • -Once transfered, all the model packs except PowerPack could be used with Farm/GX combination if I wanted GX to be the usb device for connecting etc.(prob just keep my XT connected though)
  • In the same session, same PC, I could still open gearbox and it would still read all the model packs as before with XT connected (For tweaking tones for standalone- excludes setting native to only farm of course)
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You do not need to gift anything if it is your account now (you can always change the e-mail). There should be no need to call Line6 either.

Unless you are trying to gift to your (not the other guy's) account because of the username??


Depending on how he purchased the add-ons, some specials can not be gifted.


Just register the new GX to your account, run newest Monkey and all that jazz.


But other than that, yes to your bullet points.

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Last 48 hours been trying to sort this all out.


currently I can not transfer my brand new GX to my current account  in my name (tied to my pod XT currently) and use model packs as they are in the sellers account. To get it to work, I had to log into the seller which he game me and register the GX with that (it's still also registered to me on my account, but sort of useless, as I could't program it with the model packs).


Adding the model packs was interesting. It said programming the GX. Does it actually write the model packs to the chip inside the GX? Hmm). Anyway they are there except power pack.


I really need to figure out how to gift those 3 model packs in the bundle out and back to my account in my name. I don't think the seller will close the account (been avail the last 2 years for me to use), but essentially, I could lose the model packs at least for transferring them around if he did close it 1 day.


My next challenge is how to gift by just logging into an account that someone turned over to you with the sale of used POD XT model packs etc. I think it best to try and get all that in my name.


Also as of now, I still think the power packs are going to be a challenge to obtain for farm as they are tied to the XT. This is going to depend on how nice line 6 is about doing something for me there. If it were only $49 to buy the "software" standalone version of these it would be one thing...but they want 100 bucks just so I can re-purchase the tones I already own and use with my XT.


3 options here:


  1. Call Line 6 and see what they can do for me to get it working
  2. Find a way to package them out and move them over by some woraround --what others have tried etc (although not sure many have ran into this)
  3. re-purchase the packs in standalone flavor for more than I paid for farm and the GX just so I can use the FX in the tones I already have and want to work with from Gearbox

Getting my other 3 model packs (of the 4) to work with farm once I understood the activation worked fine. What is different than before when opening up a tone from gearbox that required a model pack item, is that it does not error and lockup farm, it now simply greys out the missing one from the missing pack and ask for substitution.

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why haven't you just called already? at the very least they would whittle down the list for you and tell you what you absolutely need to do.

best case scenario... they fix it all up for you and you get back to playing....


seems like a worthwhile step to me.

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The other thing I forgot to mention is that the dongle idea to get power pack did not work for XT even when attached and used with farm as the primary audio device under preferences.



  • farm must launch with the GX attached (if for nothing more than a dongle else trial mode is entered at least my version of farm that came with GX)
  • The same tone through POD XT has less latency and drop out then with GX but this could just be my opinion. There are definitely some configurations required to cut out all reprocessing of the sound from farm as such that it does not add to your sound and is merely a pass through. I am close, but still need to play around with this more.
  •  the XT's effect select knob can changes the effects in a farm setlist (XT becomes a midi control into farm for that control by default not sure if any other knobs can be used for any benefit other than of course further  output and volume.

  • You can prob use XT as a passthrough for the footboard for further control (if you purchase that-I currently didn't have one of those and have not tested)  but this would allow the use of the express pedal through XT...something down the road I guess.

  • you can run your guitar through XT and adjust volume and output while the processing is done in farm (effect however is using your CPU for farm tones - they are not offloaded to XT in any way as many already know) As mention. the volume can be adjusted in farm and on the XT so you can go pretty loud almost too loud if not careful where all is set).
  • As always, you can not have gearbox and farm run at the same time from a software perspective (unless they are on separate laptops or machines - another thing everyone prob already knows. You can't have the other opened and close the's close both done and pick the one you want....just a little thing

  •  So far the same tone in gearbox, opened in farm sounds very different and of lower quality. There was a comment a few post back I thing that it was said they will sound the same, but XT is hardware processing and farm is software processing. This may be my laptop farm is on. It meets requirements but if I go low latency setting it struggles every few minutes. I hear a miss. maybe the better the processor the closer you get to XT hardware sound? The farm sound on the same tone is very digital (I know they are both digital  :)  ) but it has less bass and warmth. In some cases I felt like a heard slight reverb like in a large hall...hollow sound for notes above the 12th fret. Again this could be my setup. I also testing GX only and then through XT pass through and it was the same so XT is not colorizing the sound in anyway. The software must process the tone just slightly different. I would like to get as close to hardware sound that I had a lot of tones set at and then work from there. Definately get the warmth and mid crunch back or as the same when in farm (this warrants a different thread all in its own, which I may start later)
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@ TheRealZAap


Yep, ....calling tonight after work if there support hours are at that time for me in regards to:


  • gifting/merge accounts
  • options for PowerPack.


The rest is posting for other users on what my experience was as information for people that may have same issue.


I'll post how the phone call goes tomorrow as somewhat a conclusion to this thread.


Thanks for your feedback and post so far...All members have been really helpful and great information!

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Here is the verdict on the whole podXT, powerpack, and GX farm issue:


Great experience with Line6 Support last night!!


In call they were able to:


  • Transfer the model packs that came with my usde XT but sat in the sellers out account (basically merge into 1 account I am using now so less issues down the road). I'm good to go
  • After seeing they could not get my XT "hardware only" powerpack to register and be used with farm, they gave me the real version of it that farm can detect now. (note: you need to express that your tones really use this from gearbox and XT and that you really need them in farm - just ask nicely. They will have to ask a manager and this is a gift from them. I was really happy to see that they did this as a customer courtesy.-I got lucky i guess)
  • While on the phone and waiting they also answered some tech questions on if I should keep my POD XT for anything other than standalone player with the older gearbox tones (I will actually comment on this later in another post as I still have some opinions on this)
  • The XT as a dongle does not work to give you any packs with farm (at least my version that came with GX). This was also one of the compelling reasosn I also gave to ask for the power pack in the version that farm could see.
  • If you run through the XT as a pre amp for your tone before headphone or your actually amp, It will have 3X the volume on the same tone going through just  GX a tone with 3.5 on the volume with XT needs to be 10 on the GX to sound the same in headphones (this is with headphone monitor all the way up too). So this makes sense the POD XT puts out way more
  • Per line6 .....XT is not a clean pass through (close if you make a tone and save it onboard that is NO effects), but according to the senior tech who works on POD XT  you still are doing some reprocessing after Farm. They also have seen others add a booster peda; after GX if you need more out of your tone or want to get POD XT amp power clean

my licencing issues are solved and I can use farm with all my packs (4)  


Next is to dive into farm and also note in post the differences as to why use XT as a ASIO with farm or if XT is even needed. I will make a post on some experiences and as I have more time to experiment. 


All good news and hopefully others can benefit from the luck and information I have here.

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