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so this problem risen up when ive been using a thing called VoiceMod and the POD UX2 together i believe that this problem rises when you dont have your POD UX2 as the main audio for the mic or instrument, so that being said make sure that your POD UX2 is the DEFAULT DEVICE and DEFAULT COMMUNICATION DEVICE in your sound settings.

-bottom right, right click the volume speaker

-left click sounds

-go to recording on the top

-find something called Line 6 UX2


the problem hasnt risen since ive done that and i can freely use my guitar and use a wireless headset because of it. VoiceMod is free but if you want to change effects of your voice you do have to pay.

as i said i can use my guitar and hear it through my wireless headset because i use hear My Voice feature thats on it.

that being said as well you will need to set the buffer size to the lowest you can go so you can hear it about the same time but its not as good as the ToneDirect Monitoring that the POD UX2 gives but its been doing well for me as I just want to play around.


To change the buffer limit 

-Go to windows search 

-look up

  Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices

-buffer limit is at the bottom 

-drag it to the lowest you can go

-then click on the inputs & recording tab in the Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices and do mic 1 & 2

-then in the ASIO Settings have Default Buffer Size & Default Buffer Depth the highest it can go


If you want to hear your guitar with a wireless headset you need VoiceMod otherwise it wont work

-Go to windows search 

-look up

Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices

-then click on the inputs & recording tab in the Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices and do instrument

sometimes Instrument & mic 1 work but not always


if you have the POD Farm its alot easier to switch back n forth and you should have any problems and you can also play guitar through the mic for people like on Discord can hear


-then go to voice mod

-go to settings

-input device needs to be the Line 6 UX2

-output device needs to be your wireless headset


Hopefully this helped some people because i did a lot of trail and error on my side and it just works 

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On 10/11/2019 at 5:10 AM, LinHui said:

The reason for my blue screen and microphone noise has been found, which is caused by the short-circuiting of the condenser channels, so I replaced them and the problem was solved perfectly.

I'm facing the blue screen with my UX2, is it easy to change the condenser channels? Where do I find them to buy?

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i did everything in the first post and that didnt fix it so guess condenser is my next best bet but i dont have the microphone noise problem they were describing but i did notice that the display on my line 6 ux2 stopped working so it now longer shows my dB so it may just be a problem with my device 

Edit the display only works when i have pod farm open... so maybe that was not my problem or maybe my crash is because im using my mic without podfarm open ill leave podfarm open 24/7 and see if it still BSoD

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well it crashed again today dont know if i just got lucky or if keeping podfarm open delayed it but some more information i never turn off this pc i only put it to sleep and its on for at least 14 hours a day so at least its not crashing every week hopefully

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