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Help, Setting The Wah To A Footswitch Instead Of Exp Switch


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Hi all, quick question:


I'd like to be able to activate my Wah via a footswitch instead of useing the expresion pedal toe switch. I like playing live with my volume pedal around 80% it gives me some room to boost when needed and such. My problem is that in order to switch over to WAH useing the expresion pedal toe switch, I have to max out my volume pedal in order to activate it, then i'm stuck at 100% volume for my Wah when what I really want is about 80%. Is there any way around this? I've tried setting the Wah to be controlled by a footswitch but it doesn't seem to work the way that I was hopeing for. 


Thanks for your time.


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Try freeing up the pedal for the wah by using an effect slot in your chain for a clean boost triggered by footswitch. If you need wah and boost at the same time you can assign both to the same footswitch.


The POD HD500 doesn't have a clean boost effect but there are a few ways to do it: short cable into fx loop (add fx loop to chain with +3db return for exanple), or use tube comp with 100% thresh and output to taste (+12-24), or use studio eq with flat settings and output to taste).


Here's another post on the ways to do a clean boost:

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