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Can I use the regular Mission SP-1 with my HX Stomp?


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The Stomp seems to sometimes choke on pedals that aren't the official one. As such, I don't know if any non official pedal can have the toe switch feature. 


For now, have you tried reversing the polarity of the pedal in the settings? That's helped a bunch of users with third party pedals. 

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1 hour ago, RandomGecko said:

That's annoying. I haven't but I will try that. So the SP-1 toe switch can't switch anything? Has to be the L6?




As far as I know, Line 6 uses a unique setup for their foot switches so it usually means cross compatibility is limited. 


Which, yes, is annoying. VERY. 


I'd double check to make sure you have the settings right for the toe switch, which should look like this:


Global Settings > Preferences


1. EXP/FS Tip - Set to Expression pedal 1. 

2. EXP/FS Ring - Set to FS5.


Global Settings - Footswitches 


1. FS4 Function - Set to "Exp. 1."

2. FS5 Function - Set to "ToglEXP[1/2]." 


If you have it setup like the above and, and if even after reversing the polarity it still doesn't work, then yes, I think you'll need the official pedal to do that. 

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