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UX1 with Pod Farm VST in Sony Acid Pro 7 - No signal

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Is there any documentation out there for running the Pod Farm VST in Acid Pro 7? I'm using the UX1 and everything seems to work fine when running Pod farm as a standalone. In my DAW (Acid 7) however, I can't get any sound signal through. I can insert an audio track and insert the Pod Farm plugin to it, all features available and no authorization issues but I get no sound signal at all?

Anyone with Acid Pro who might suggest what I am missing?

I have my audio device in preferences set to ASIO UX1

I have input monitoring turned on for the track.

Track input is set to (default) send 1/send 2.

Any suggestions or a link to relevant documentation would be greatly appreciated.



PS. I did find the extensive documentation PDF online which has detailed info about running the VST in a variety of DAWs, none of which being Acid...

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The process is essentially the same on all Daws. As long as you have set the input on your Daw as line6 ux1 asio driver you should be good.


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I figured it out. In the past I had been using my PoDxt for recording guitar. The only difference now with UX1/Pod Farm is that you have to arm the track for recording before a signal is fed through it. Never had to do that with the Podxt except when actually recording. Always had a signal input whether the track was armed or not.

At any rate, it seems to be functioning properly now. I figured it was something stupid simple I was missing and of course, that was the case lol.


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