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Line 6 With Linux?

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On 1/11/2018 at 1:19 PM, shemeshg said:

Hi, Jens


Yes, I can see all the 8 channels, and re-amp on linux and Ardour and all thanks to you


As you've mentioned 

1. JACK is required since it is not plays directly using ALSA and PulseAudio,

However, Jack sink works greate

2. It will be required to recopy snd_usb_audio on every kernel update.


But it is huge benefit being able to Re-Amp and  not to require all of those XLR cables





Can you elaborate on how to configure jack to work with the HX stomp? I don't understand how it can work if it doesn't work with ALSA...

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Just FYI:

Since i made the 2.82 firmware update, my Helix LT identifies with device id 0x424a ( idProduct=424a ) .

Aka the patches must be adapted to work again. Not sure how other Helix devices changed because of the

new ( unified ? ) core architecture.

Did not yet noticed any further benfit other than new sounds/stomps etc.



I don't wanna have Helix shown up in the systems pulse audio because it would not work reliable there either.

So i made an udev rule to ignore it. If someone else cares too, place into /etc/udev/rules.d/89-pulseaudio.rules:

#Ignore Helix
ATTRS{idVendor}=="0e41", ATTRS{idProduct}=="424a", ENV{PULSE_IGNORE}="1"


Cheers ... Jens

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