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S/PDIF clock sync problems and volume drop


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Every now and then when I power on my Helix floor unit, the output volume is much lower than usual, maybe -30 dB instead of -15 dB.

I use the S/PDIF output which is connected to a RME fireface 800 audio interface. A Behringer ADAT interface ADA8200 is connected to the RME, too. Helix is the clock master, RME the slave.

A restart of the Helix solves the problem, but most of the time first I suspect the drummer and the singer to be too loud... ;-)

Does anyone know this bug, too?


The strange thing is that this only happens in our rehearsal room, not in the studio. In the studio I use the same Helix floor unit connected to another RME fireface 800 (with additional Behringer ADA8200, too).


It's quite difficult to locate the problem. Maybe it's the power supply, cables, ....?


Yesterday there was a new problem: possibly a clock sync problem, with weird digital noise. I'm a bit afraid there will be bad surprises at our next gig... :-)

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