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Spider Iv 15w Effects Overlapping Other Tones

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Hello, I've had my Spider IV 15w amplifier for more or less 3 years. Recently, I've been noticing that the settings and effects on the amplifier are overlapping on the tones, even if those tones have no effects at all. Let me explain with an example:


 My 'Clean' tone has Chorus activated and also a bit of Reverb, and it is saved like that;

 My 'Metal' tone has no Primary effect and it has a bit of Delay. It's also save like that;

 The knobs on the amplifier remain with the setting I left for the 'Clean' tone;


If I play the Clean tone, there is no problem, and the settings remain the same, but if I suddenly switch to the 'Metal' (or any other) channel, I can play that setting as I saved it for some seconds, but then the settings for the first channel (the settings the knobs indicate, actually) kick into the 'Metal' channel.


 As a result I get my 'Metal' channel, which was saved to have just Delay, to now have Chorus and Reverb instead.


 I have tried resetting the amp to factory settings a couple of times, and it works for some days, but then goes back to the same issue. I've also checked for loose cables or connections and there are none, and the amplifier has never been damaged in any way. And just recently, it has been stuck on a Flanger effect I can't seem to take off my tones, even when the knobs are not on Flanger.


 Has anyone had this problem too? I'd be very grateful to whomever provided me with a possible solution to this!


 Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like 'loose knob syndrome' - vibrations 'wake up' the knobs, causing those settings to change to where they are pointed.  One guy here installed some rubber orings over the knob shafts so that they wouldn't turn as easily.

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Loose knobs was also a problem with my Spider IV, 120. Be very careful taking the knobs off to tighten the nut. They are very fragile as is the nut itself. Thanks for the help.

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