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Best gain setings L2T

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Sorry if this is a dumb question! I sometimes use my L2T with an outboard mixer (Mackie pro fx). Is it best to max out the L2T main gain setting for max power amp headroom, or should I be matching that setting with the soundboard output? Typically I would run them so the board runs at unity gain and adjust the main gain input on the L2t to achieve the general volume I need for the setting. But when I've run other PAs I would usually just run the power amps at 100% for max headroom and make all the volume adjustments at the board. Should I be doing the same with the L2t? I know, dumb question I guess.

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Not a dumb question at all.


I tend to use what you call your typical approach. I run the mixer output at 'unity' gain - where the mixer's output level meters peak at roughly +3db or so, meaning the steady level is usually minus a few db. Then adjust the speaker (in this case your L2t) output level to suit the venue.

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You have to vary the Speaker volume setting to avoid noise. Set mixer to 0db play music source, set speaker so it is a bit louder than you will want - this is the max volume for the system for this event. Then lower the level on the Mixer so you have the real volume you need and you have headroom to vary it as required.


If you set the speaker to maximum volume then in most cases you have to provide a very low signal level and as every electric circuit has a noise floor that little bit on noise will be relatively high in the speaker.


The only possible exception to this might be if you are using L6Link (digital connection), but even then the principle is still sound

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