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Loss Of Tone With Volume Turned Down

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Hey All,


I have a JTV59.  I have noticed there is a considerable loss of high end as I turn down my volume control.  I know this was intentionally built into the models but it is  more then I see from the 'real' pickups in the bypass mode.  Is there any way to program this out?


Also in the Variax editior I notice that the pot taper are 'linear' Why is this?  every guitar I have ever seen has audio taper pots at least on the volume control.


Best Regards, Mike

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Along the same lines...I'm using my POD HD500 and JTV-89F. 


I've noticed that the Variax has less top end/more bass overrall thruought all my patches when compared to my other guitars of the same models...Fender Strat and Les Paul.  


This isn't just a subtle difference either.  I've had to create an entire second playlist, just for the Variax and it's not just as easy as rolling off the Bass or bumping up the Treble as that sometimes adds unwanted characteristics to the tone. 


Additional tone loss with the volume rolled down compound/pronounces the issue.



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I can't say that I notice the Variax models being darker than their real counterparts. If anything, I'd say sometimes they are a tiny bit brighter.


One thing I'd say is that the modeling is particularly sensitive to the age of your strings. I notice when I have old strings on my Variax much more quickly than I notice it with any of my other guitars. It has to do with the piezos on the Variax. Because they depend on contact with the string to pick up the vibration, they are much more sensitive to the condition of the string than magnetic pickups.

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