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Graphtech Black Tusq For 700

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measure the nut on your 700 - and here is the info on graphtech sizes:




to fit, take out your 700 nut, and place the tusq next to it to work out how much to sand down.

place sandpaper on a flat surface and VERY carefully keeping it square, sand down to same height.



measure your string gaps - this is more important than total nut width - I sanded down the ends of the nut also, taking off maybe 5-6mm off the total width (2-3mm each side)


My graphtech nuts are barely slotted - ie the strings sit "high in the saddle", so you need to take this into consideration working out the finished height of the nut.

You could order 2 nuts just in case you take it too far, but I just kept trying it out to check for height, and then sanded a little bit more, etc


At least this is what I did for my 600, and I guess translates to the 700 also, as long as the nut has a flat bottom - good luck.

I did this actually for my 600, and then for two strat clones which received the guts of the 600 and a 300 respectively - see link:


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