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Help needed with ska / reggae custom tones (500x) - NEWBEE!

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Hi all,


As a total newbee I hope someone can/will help me out....


I bought a HD500x just yesterday.... playing in a ska/reggaeband I want some nice custom tones....


Searched the website; found several but none for the HD500x. (found: 'skankin' ska', 'reggae clean', 'papasote', 'punky ska', 'skankin' and more.....)


Is there someone who can help me with the custom tones above but for HD500x ..... or someone who can tell me how to create these sounds on the HD500X ?


Thnx !


Danny - Netherlands


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First... as a 1 day user - SLOW DOWN. 

There is a lot going on with the unit. It is not "plug and play". 


Next up - 

The 500, 500x, pro, and pro x are all the same unit. Patches for one will work on all. 

The trick to that is - they all use different extensions, so the edit program does not see them when you try to the file explorer. So, instead, you need to use the 'drag and drop' method to import them. 


for other units, there is a file converter. 



Number 3

the edit programs (for other units) can be opened in offline mode. this allows you see the settings so that you can manually enter them into your unit. 


and lastly, 

don't put a lot of faith in the patches you find in customtone. they are designed by people. you don't know those people. you don't know their level of expertise. 

and more importantly, the sound heard by the poster is based on all of their variables. variables which you don't know and probably can't replicate - primarily, which "global" settings were used and the gear they used.   

IE, My guitar and picking style will make tone sound different. My amp/speaker and the room that it is in will make tone sound different.





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