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USB Audio Player for Android


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Got excited about this for Android audio to Helix over usb, then read the list of unsupported devices.  :-)
That's not the only audio situation where Android let me down.   I had even bought a refurbished Iphone  and camera kit to use just for this purpose, but it wasn't from a reputable dealer and the touchscreen just went south.   I know there is a solution using various send return jacks but after buying the needed cables, decided it was too much trouble.:-)



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And yet, on IOS it works.    There must be a device that could be substituted for a direct box that would pass the Helix output to FOH AND allow a phone to play music via a 1/8 ( 3.5 mm ) cable. This is really all I'm trying to accomplish during rehearsal occasionally.

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I tested the Helix and Android phone into a dual input direct box.  It worked.   Would a small powered mixer on stage work better ---- no doubt, but the arrangement in the photo needs to external power.

No photo description available.

From the developer of that USB driver for Android:

"Unless someone send us a Helix, then I don't think so. We have too few customers with a Helix to go out and buy one. Looking at the forums, the Helix is also not perfect with iOS."

In my limited experience with an Iphone and the Apple camera kit, it works.

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