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Correct settings for using PowerCab

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I am wondering if i should be using any particular settings with the PowerCab 


I use "Line" when using my Monitor speakers but was curious if i should switch to "instrument" when plugged into the PowerCab , i am using the 1/4 out on the back of Helix (Mono) 


Are there any other things i should be doing  ?

I have the Normal PowerCab and not the + 


Haven't really had a lot of time to play with it yet but have this weekend free and thought i would ask the more knowledgeable people on this forum for Tips 






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I am not a powercab user, so take this for what it is! haha...I believe the recommended setting when using the Helix in conjunction with the Powercab is to run the Helix at full volume, with a LINE signal and do most of your master volume control on the Powercab itself.


Also, there was quite a bit of talk about some of the volume of the powercab being 'too low' - so thats where recommendations of LINE come in, and ensuring that the levels of the speaker models are not too low as well.

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From Frank Ritchotte at Line 6 - 


"Powercab is expecting a line level signal, so you must run your modeler's outputs at line level. "Turning up your modeler's output knob" doesn't mean it's necessarily running at line level; you'll likely need to visit the global settings to confirm

Proper gain staging:
Confirm your modeler's outputs are at line level, turn its main output knob all the way up, and play loud power chords. If Powercab's SIGNAL light flashes red, turn down your modeler's main output knob until it doesn't. If Powercab's SIGNAL light never turns red, you have additional headroom available."

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