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Pod Farm 2 all presets disappeared

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I installed my UX2 and Pod Farm to a new Win 10 Pro system recently. Everything was working fine.


Today I started it again. Now I get an error saying "Tone file not found". Advice is to "press the Refresh button in the Presets tab to refresh your Tone Library". Otherwise fine and dandy, but for my life I can't find a "Presets tab" anywhere.


All the tones are where they are supposed to be, in Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm 2. They can be loaded individually and work just fine. I believe Pod Farm lost the presets when I moved my Documents folder from C-drive (SSD used only for Windows, applications and recording audio) to D-drive (regular HDD used for data storage).


Now could someone please advise where is the "Presets" tab? If, as it seems, this does not exist, do I have any other way to recover the tones except for reinstalling the Pod Farm?

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I had the same issue. I found that my tones were moved due to OneDrive backing up the data. I tried different approaches to solve it and then I finally opened the manual (press F1 when running the stand-alone version of POD Farm 2): on page 50 (chapter 3.12) you can see the Presets View. I think, this is where we need to get.


Right left to the Line 6 logo below the preset selector arrows, you will find three buttons "Gear View", "Panel View" and "Preset View". Unfortunately, it is not that intuitive.


Best regards



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I never use the stand-alone PF.  I recently got a new computer for recording, and installed PF on it, and of course none of my presets from the old computer came over - is there an easy way to do so?  I still have access to the old computer's files.

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To Help anyone else experience this. 
1. Manually open one of the presets by double click on one of the preset files (example by going to: C:\Users\USER\OneDrive\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm 2\Guitar\High Gain\AC Tweed.l6t)
2. When Pod Farm opens. where the name of the preset is named (at the top), there are 3 icons below. the icon closest to the Line6 logo in the middle is the Preset view. 
3. i have a feeling that it was not showing there before, but it do now. open it, and you can right click on Sourse Folders to add folders.
4. i copied 'C:\Users\USER\OneDrive\Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm 2\' to C:\ , and mapped to that folder in the preset view.

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