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Add a Step Sequencer like EHX Step 8 to Helix/HX

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I currently use with midi control an EHX Step 8 to control many effect parameters and it's amazing - Line 6 should add one that does even 16 steps or something! It could lead to some awesome automation of things already possible with an expression pedal as it is. 


Current fun setup for context-


Roland JC running stereo, HX Effects controlling everything. Running in the effects loops - a Digitech FreqOut, EHX Mel9, Meris Ottobit Jr, Meris Enzo, and a Boss SL-20. Those last 3 are all midi synced. I use a Boss RC1 as a standalone looper but also as a line buffer running last from HX Effects to amp. For expression control I am using 2 Dunlop Mini's with 1 of them going into the EHX Step 8 then the HX Effects, depth seems best set at 4. 

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