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Axiom - Nice controlable host for Helix Native and plugins.


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That guys a hoot! "Testing sh*t." You gotta love it.


That looks cool. But you're really spending most of the money for an amp modeler/guitar FX with Axiom, which you've already got with HXN. There are other various plug-in hosts (some run on Mac, some on PC) that are much less money and do the plug-in hosting stuff. So you can certainly use HXN in any of these hosts (if they well-written). The only thing that might be lacking would be some sorts of external MIDI control (changing presets for example) that are normally accomplished using the DAW's control assignment features.

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Yes. Axiom is not cheap, but if Ola is able to set it fast with midi controller it can be convincing for laptop players and quite reliable.
There are very good amp modelers on the market and using such a host you probably can override some HxN limitations I suppose.
If Axiom 199$ specific plugins and features are redundant or not needed so Patchwork 99$ can do almost the same job.
BTW their free stuff is also worth checking.

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