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How do I move footswitches in "Edit" software--e.g. FS1 to FS3

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Can anyone help me to do this --to move the footswitches in "Edit" software-so, that means I keep all the pedals, but

assign different foot swtiches to different pedals.


Is there an easy way in the "Edit" software.


THanks for your help!


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What Line 6 device and what Edit program are you using? 

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Thanks for your response ("you got the silver" by Keith Richards----is that where you got that :))

I have the POD HD 500x, and the program is "POD HD 500x edit".


I use the software quite often and have great sounds, but want to 'order' my pedals.

THanks for any help



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On the unit itself...

  • Select the effect you want to assign from the signal flow view
  • Then Press and hold the ENTER button to display the Footswitch Assign screen
  • Use Multi-function Knob 1 to select the footswitch you want assigned to this effect
  • If there is already an effect assigned to that footswitch... it will combine them so you need to identify what you want before you begin to make sure you don't end up with any surprises.

In HD500 Edit

  • Go to the Controller page
  • Do your work in the "controller section" of the "controller page"....The "footswitch section" only SHOWS you what is assigned to what, you do not change it there but it is a great instant visual
  • Under Model... choose the EFFECT you want to assign a controller to
  • Under FS Assign.... choose the footswitch you want to assign it to
  • NOTE: If you assign more than one effect to the same footswitch... it will display as "Multi" in the Footswitch section. 



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