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mains went out

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hi used this mixer for the 2nd time at gig.ive watched the videos on youtube.at the begining we had the mains.during the night the mains werent working.we had to turn the monitors around to the crowd to have sound going out.im sure its something i must have done turned the mains off some how.anybody have any ideas?

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There have been reports from others, of sound cutting out during a show. 


Our band has experienced this as well.  For us, we lose all sound.  When this happens, the only remedy is to turn off the mixer, then turn it on again.  


After we restart the mixer, it has not happened again in the same show.  Now, before every show, I turn on the mixer until it finishes booting, then I turn it off and reboot for a second time, just in case.


There have been a few posts about a ribbon cable inside the mixer, that is very close to the metal back wall of the mixer.  On occassion (sudden movement, ect) the cable can touch the metal mixer wall and short the system.  Some guys have opened the mixer and put a strip of tape on the mixer wall, to stop the cable from touching.  This may or may not be related to the problem.


Photos in this thread


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