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my Helix - my pedal board

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Something I haven’t really spent much time doing - I did today. Starting with my morning coffee and ending up with my afternoon beers, I played the Helix through my lone surviving tube amp (having sold everything else this year). Guitar > Helix > Amp, and 2 nice cables. Man what fun!


I don’t think I was ever concerned or aware if the Helix (as a unit) is true bypass - but it sure seems to be - or very darn close. 


So now I have some nice new “pedal board patches” for my old school buddies that still want an amp in the room. 


No big thing, it just started out with me plugging my Tele straight into my old MusicMan and it evolved from there.







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So after a couple of weeks going down this road, this has kinda morphed into a “mono thing” for me. 


In addition to building a few nice pedal board patches (mono of course) for my tube amp, I also started rebuilding some of my old stereo patches (Helix amps/cabs) into mono patches and I have to say, in most cases, I’m not real sure why I didn’t do this sooner. I mean, stereo is cool and all but the mono builds seem much more usable whether in the mix or out. And even though the Helix will sum stereo patches to mono when using L output, the patches sound so much better when built specifically for mono.


No end to the fun... 



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