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Help - Auto-Wah LFO


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Hi everyone


I recently purchased the line 6 Helix after researching different options. 


I am a bit gutted to find that I can't setup an autowah since parameters cannot be automated according to tempo. 


I upgraded from a Boss GT8 where I could do this. Basically telling the unit to oscillate between the X and Y position constantly at 120bpm (or equivallent in milliseconds) 


I tried playing with the Mutant Filter (which I understand is based on the Mu-Tron) but I am not getting the fast and constant "up-and-down" sound that I need since the filter responds to the dynamycs of the string attack and I need the effect to be constant while doing fast 16-note string obstructions. 


I want to know if there is any way around this. If someone has been into a similar situation and has come up with some settings that could help.


My bass player suggested getting a separate autowah and add it to the physical chain. However, I don't know to what extent the Helix would be able to control an external unit. I also bought the Helix in order to avoid the piling of different pedals/stompboxes and be able to rely on presets instead of switching settings and oscillators between songs while playing live. 


I saw this entry on the ideascale site but I don't know if this could become an upgrade soon and whether it is possible to get this via a simple upgrade of the firmware in the future


I found a video of the settings I want to control (sorry about posting the link to another similar product) and want to know of any workarounds with the Helix. Any light so I can play the songs the way they sound on the record and still rely on the Helix. I have been regretting the buy because of this tbh 


Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help



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1 hour ago, ivanopensight said:

I am a bit gutted to find that I can't setup an autowah since parameters cannot be automated according to tempo. 


IMO.... Dynamics and a Touch Wah take care of this problem very easily. Just play a little harder where you want the pulse to be. It's a technique that is worth learning rather than automating. 


That said... Auto Wah is very handy if a guitar was recorded without wah in mind and you want to add it later. But live... I'd suggest you just work on the technique - whether it's a touch wah or rocking a pedal back and forth in time (tapping your foot) with a traditional wah. 


EDIT TO ADD: Please don't take that wrong... I'm not against having this feature on the Helix. I'm just suggesting that it is relatively easy to work around with the tools that already exist. 

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