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saddle intonation screw is moving

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On my JTV-89, one of the length compensation (intonation) screws of the saddle is moving, because the part that holds it is not at the right place. the displaced part looks like a wire or snap ring, it's not easy to see because it is so tiny. is it possible to repair this? I cannot move the wire, but maybe there is a trick to do this. I think it was done wrong when the guitar was assembled and I never noticed until now.


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There can be some play, but that looks a bit more so than usual. It was probably done correctly, but they can

loosen over time. Should be done by someone with experience servicing our product. Some of them have an E-Clip,

some have a wire pin. If that wire pin breaks, it will create a bigger problem. The E-clip has to be the correct one,

too big and it drops loose, too small you'll break it trying to install it. And the JTV-89 is no longer made.



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