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Effects Loop block add parameters for knobs and switches

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I just added this idea scale and hope maybe it could be useful for other users as well. Here is the concept and verbiage I added to the idea scale item and below that a link to it:


I think it would be really helpful for people that use an outboard pedal in an effects loop to be able to add knobs and switches to the effects loop block, per preset. In my case, I use a fuzzgod 2 in a loop and I have to tweak it per amp model I am running it into. It would be nice if I could add parameters to the effects block that would represent the knobs and switches on my fuzzgod pedal. I could set the value of those to match the physical pedals settings and save it to the preset. Then when I pull up a preset, I know where to set the knobs on the physical pedal. In addition if the outboard pedal has mid control, you could have the knobs on the Hx product actually control the parameters on the physical pedal and save the setting per preset so that the physical pedal is adjust on preset load. I know you can do that with PC messages now, but this would be a layer deeper. 




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