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My Helix LT doesn't turn on


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15 hours ago, lespaulben77 said:

My Helix LT doesn't turn on, only the exp pedal's led lights up and no sound. The attached pictures shows the problem. Has it ever happened to someone like this? Could you help me if you know the solution?


Hi lespaulben77,


You don’t mention if your LT is still under warranty, if it is raise a ticket as “cruisinon2” suggests.


Also, before that there are a bunch of reset options you can try which may kick the bugs out - go here and try these:




The site Helix Help dot Com is constantly being modified so if this link should fail, click on the “take me home” link and from the front page select “Reset Options” from under the Tips drop down menu.


It partially lights up, so there is some power getting in there.


Hope this helps - good luck.

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  • 8 months later...

Mine has started doing this recently, now that I am using it for longer periods of time per session because have also started using the Helix as a USB out from my PC so I can play music and movies through my studio monitors. It does this after maybe 4-5 hours of the unit being powered-on. I can also hear a quiet burst of static through my studio monitors in time with the LED flash. I turn off the power switch off for a while, and then it resets itself and is okay again - however, this is not a short amount of time (it would be the end of any gig) and attempting to power the unit back on too soon just results in the flashing EXP lights.


Actively using the Helix and changing presents, etc., or simply turning it on and letting the unit idle doesn't matter - both will reproduce after the same 4-5 hours. Mine was originally 2.80 when the issue started, but updating to 2.82 didn't change anything.


I assumed it was some sort of overheat, but the unit is still completely cool to the touch all over, and it's not enclosed in a unit or sat on carpet or anything like that anyway, so an overheat seems odd. I can't see any physical signs of damage. 


It is always connected to the PC via the USB In/out, both XLR outs to studio monitors, and the 1/4 out back to the PC via a Rocksmith cable during this time. Having only the power cable attached and letting the unit idle would reproduce, and unplugging everything except the AC cord does not allow the unit to start again any sooner.


I had tried 1, 5, 6, and 7 on this list and none of them had any effect: https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helixrackltfxstomp-reset-procedures-and-troubleshooting-tricks-r768/



EDIT: Support said to find a service centre and get the unit looked at, as it sounds like a hardware fault.


Yesterday, my unit seemingly fully died as per the original poster's and will no longer turn on at all. Changing the AC cord for a known good one doesn't make any difference.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Replying to myself. My Helix has now been sent back to the retailer for a warranty claim, as it turns out in the UK and Europe, Yamaha offer a 2-year warranty on all Line 6 electronic products, so I was a few months still in date.


E&M Electronics (http://www.eandm.co) in Milton Keynes are the only official Line 6 repair centre in the UK, and they prefer to work via your retailer sending the item to them (although, if you're out of warranty they will deal direct if you still have your receipt). Their website is pretty damned awful for giving you any contact info other than their address and a phone number, but it appears to be undergoing a long-overdue restyle right now, as it's suddenly different from when I found their info the other day ;)


Might take a little while to get it back, but fingers crossed my Helix will be fixed in the not-too-distant future.

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14 hours ago, Naeblis said:

E&M Electronics (http://www.eandm.co) in Milton Keynes are the only official Line 6 repair centre in the UK



Regarding E&M Electronics, I have used this company for a repair to my Helix floor unit and found them to be fast, efficient and reasonable priced. I hope your experience with them is equally good. Shame there are not more options for repair work through the Yamaha/Line6 official route, although if you are out of warranty, there are still many independent outfits around.


Good luck

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Thanks! Yeah, I emailed them and they seemed decent. They asked me to go through the dealer because I was still in warranty, otherwise I would have shipped it down to them directly.


Fingers crossed the dealer sends it on to them quickly (it should arrive at the shop tomorrow), and we'll see from there.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just to finish this one off - E&M wrote it was a terminal power supply failure on their work sheet, and so to fix it... they simply gave me a brand-new Helix as a replacement!  Arrived back with me yesterday afternoon after reaching the dealer on Friday afternoon, and all is working well now. Left it on for a good few hours yesterday evening (probably about 6), just to be sure ;)


All under warranty - the only cost to me was the initial postage back to the dealer. Result!



If you have this issue, see about a warranty claim immediately!

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