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The home button on my Pod HD 500 is causing some problems. Simply bumping any part of the pedalboard or lifting it will cause the home button to trigger... but even just leaving it sit there on the floor the pod will some times (at random), rapidily flip through screens because the "Home" button is not working properly. I can't even use my tuner because once I activate it the home button will close it out within seconds. How can I fix this? And of course every service center is over 3 hours from me.

The home button no longer makes a clicking sound when pushing it.

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it might be stuck because of dirt, oily crap or whatever. electronics spray cleaner will probably do the trick. get stuff specifically  for ELECTRONICS. radio shack has it. evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. i can relate a similar experience that i had with the volume button on my radio in my truck. when i raised the volume, the button stuck and maxed out. LOUD!  i used wd40. only because it was old and cheap. i haven't had trouble since. just spray it in there between the button and the panel and work the button, power off firstly. wait 5 minutes for it to evaporate and try it. if it doesn't work, do it again. if it doesn't work after two or three times, then i guess you have a problem. you can also get a dry film lube. use it after you clean the button.  it cost about twice as much. it's a very thin film that will help keep the buttons from sticking. make sure it has a relatively high dielectric property (doesn't conduct electricity). it's probably not necessary. it won't hurt anything. i had an old tv, tube type, rca brand. made in america. it was right in front of a open screened window. it started raining and i forgot to shut the window. and it was plugged in. it didn't get soaked. the rain drops were diffused through the screen. i made sure it dried out and it worked fine for a long time; just to make a point about moisture and electricity.



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What a Fish story! (from the wd40 site)

Myth: WD-40 contains fish oil.
Consumers have told us over the years that they have caught some of the biggest fish ever after protecting their fish hooks and lures withWD-40.  We believe this legend came from folks assuming that the product must contain fish oil since it appears to attract fish.  Sorry Charlie®, it just ain’t so.

WD-40 Company has taken steps to respect and conserve the environment, and encourages its users to do the same.  While WD-40can be used to help protect fishing equipment from rust and corrosion,WD-40 Company does not recommend using WD-40 to attract fish


...just wanted to clear that up. i only used wd40 because that's what i had on hand and my radio is old and cheap as you see i recommend electronics cleaner

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Hopefully just a bit of grit keeping it from returning.


The casing comes apart easily, correct size driver.

there is lots of space in there.

I think I recall a PCB fixed along the top face but you might be able to look with a magnifyer for anything mechanically prevent the switch returning to normal.


Hopefully it is not the pressure switch itself. 

These are fairly small and fixed to the PCB and would be tough to replace.


If still under warranty open a support ticket and save yourself the hassle of opening it up.


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well i'm american and although the home button is mentioned one time in the manual, it doesn't point to which button. so i don't know where the hell it is either. the whereabouts of the home button remains a mystery regardless of nationality :)

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