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Patch for switching between FRFR and tube amp

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I recently purchased a Headrush 108 FRFR speaker and I was wanting to use it along with my DC-10 boogie amp. I want to utilize either the Headrush or the Boogie to record and play a loop and then I'd like to switch over to the other in order to solo over the loop. 


Any good existing patches out there for accomplishing this?



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Take any preset, put a send just in front of the IR. Use snapshots 

Snapshot 1 = send volume +0db, through volume -60db

Snapshot 2 = send volume -60db, through volume +0db

Connect the amp to the send and the HR to the helix output


You can also do it by splitting the signal at the end in two paths and using snapshots to control the a/b split

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