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Famous guitarists guitars

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Looking for anyone who has petruucis guiyar, or satriani, or vai, or slash, and generaly any famous guitarists guitar.


If yes, and would like to help me, please record the dry sound of open strings, hit one by one until they fade out, in all pickup positions, and sent me a p.m. to sent you m6 email. 


I try to model these guitars to variax.


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2 hours ago, jerseyboy said:

Do these recordings need to be in WAV format?  


Any particular audio settings to be observed?  



Preferably but not nesecarry. 

Only audio setting the master vol8me of the daw to be pretty high, cause the guitar dry signal is usually very weak. No compressor to be added, or any effects to be used. 


Thank you anyway !

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Excuse me for being slow on the uptake, but are you looking for owners of signature guitars, like my JP15, or owners of guitars that were previously owned by a famous guitarist?  Dumb question #2: you're looking for a DI recording I assume.

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