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How Use Pitch Harmonic? - Pod Hd 500


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Effect type Pitch --> Pitch Glide


Place right after noise gate and before any other effects or amps.  Turn on in FX tab of HD Edit and set pitch to +12 for one octave up.  Go to Controller tab and set Pitch Glide mix to Exp 1 or 2, min 0, max 100.


Now when playing with heel down you get your normal tone, when you go toe down it jumps one octave giving you that pinch harmonic/feedback effect...


​Anyone else feel free to offer other suggestions...

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Hmm.. Longer version.


My example (E minor that is) sounds ok only, if played in E minor scale.


What those options do?


Select your Key (for example E) + scale (for example minor): When you do this, your pod picks up set of notes usable in your key scale. Your leads can be played on every chord there is in Em scale.


shift (for example -5): How much and to what direction pitch is added. - goes under your played note and + over it. Even when you can add every note fitting in octave, they all won't sound nice. But since disharmony is also some kinda harmony, all those notes are included in the effect (i guess).


mix to 50%: Mix between your base (played) note and added harmonic note.


So if your key changes when song changes, just change to that key.


Play just one note at the time.


(Edit: Seems, that we have language issues also. Just tell us the name of the song in which we can hear the effect you want to get. That would help a lot)

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i wanna play a song in CGCFAD, how i do it using the pitch?

it sounds like you want a full alternate tuning?  are you using a Variax?  POD will not give you a complete alternate tuning on it's own... maybe I misunderstood...

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Unfortunately, most, if not all digital pitch shifters that stray too far from the original centre pitch 

sound terrible with polyphonic chords, they introduce aliasing artifacts into the sound and has

been plaguing guitarists for a long time, and some believe can only be overcome by adequate

DSP performance, but we're yet to see it. Alternate tunings aren't possible in chromatic steps

if you where in a standard tuning to begin with. E standard down to C standard works but

you will definitely get artifacts with that much spread.


As a general rule, pitch shifters are only useful in these 2 senario's...


1. Polyphonic chord shifter no further than 2 semi-tones away from centre.

2. Monophonic note shifter as far as 12 semi-tones or more.


As far as pitch shifters are concerned, these are about as good as they get.

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i wanna play a song in CGCFAD, how i do it using the pitch?


Get a JTV.!.. :)


But, in all seriousness, If I am understanding what you want to do; you want the six open strings of your guitar to be the notes "CGCFAD"? That is basically the whole guitar down one step, and the low E string in "drop" c tuning?


If that is the correct understanding of what you want to do, you cannot achieve that with any of the FX on the HD500.

The closest you would get, would be set the pitch shifter on the HD down one step, then MANUALLY tune the low E string down one more step.


However, you CAN *easily* do that using a JTV guitar, with the digital alternate tunings.


The reason for this, is the HD500 can shift the 'entire' audio you are sending it, and can differntiate note from note using "smart harmony", but the HD  cannot adjust the notes string by string to alternate values.


The pitch shifter on the HD would give you "DGCFAD", which is everything down one step. From there, you would physically then detune the low string another step down, from E to D, and the pitch shifter would make that D to a C.


The JTV guitars CAN do this, because each string has a dedicated piezo pickup under it, and that is how the JTV accomplishes alternate and open tunings on the fly.

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I think pitch effects of the HD are not polyphonic, which means that they apply pitch shifting or smart harmony to only one note at a time.

So, if you try to strum a chord and apply these effects, sometimes the result may not be "musically acceptable".

Therefore, the solution would either be a JTV, or physically retuning your guitar to play CGCFAD.

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