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Re-purpose the global EQ.... figured this out at my last gig


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NOTE: This only works if you don't use the global EQ...

(I did a search and didn't see anything, but if this has been discussed before I apologize)



  • XLR out > FOH (PA)
  • 1/4" outs to personal FRFR
  • Volume control is disengaged from the XLR so you can adjust your stage volume without changing the level to the FOH (PA).


The XLR outputs can be set to MIC or LINE in the global settings, but they don't have a PAD which is common on most DI boxes. Even set to MIC, when the volume knob is disengaged the signal can be borderline hot. What do you do when the tech yells out "Can you PAD the DI"? 


GLOBAL EQ to the rescue. 

  • Turn it on
  • Make sure the EQ options are flat (no cuts or boosts)
  • Assign it to JUST THE XLR outputs
  • Turn the volume down in the Global EQ to -10 or -20 (somewhere in that range will always make the tech happy)


The global EQ is now acting as a variable DI PAD across all patches... exactly what I needed. 


NOTE: Since the Global EQ and the Volume can be assigned to different outputs independently you are not limited to just my example. 


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