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12ax7 Dt50


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its not a boost like you think it is... its a boost from the preamp to feed into the power amp it's not supposed to be user accessible.

you need to use midi to change it for the standalone DT50 use... you'd have to figure out the midi switch to manually add it on the pod...

but it's really not going to do what you want... your life will be much easier to accept that and simply use one of the other boost options... compresser, eq, od, etc

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I have enabled the Boost in a few of the preamps I changed. I used it on the Slo Overdrive and it gave me some added clarity. I compare it to switching from topology 1,2, or4 to Topology 3 adds little bit of a boost like clarity not so much a boost like a pedal boost but does wonders for clarity. In my opinion.

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