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Connecting HX Stomp with midi keyboard and Ipad

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I finally setup my ipad as controller for my HX Stomp (camera connection kit, usb cable, touchOSC app) and start successfully using it onstage. And my wishes goes deeper. I always thought about having small midi keyboard to press several chords on several songs, but I don't want to mess with setting up separate di channels, buy keys with own sounds or bring computer onstage. But now I have ipad onstage already, I have midi keyboard at my desktop (m-audio axiom 25), my HX Stomp also works as audio interface to ipad and I can send music from ipad to PA via HX Stomp. So I want to plug my midi keyboard via midi cable to midi input of HX Stomp, launch synth app on ipad and play some keys too. However my ipad don't receive any midi signal from my keyboard. What am I doing wrong? I check all midi parameters in different combination, I checked midi cable, I check midi input (HX Stomp receive CC from keyboard controllers)


Again my setup is M-audio axiom 25 -> midi cable -> hx stomp -> usb cable -> camera connection kit -> ipad. Problem - no midi in from keyboard to ipad

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