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Line 6 To Be Acquired By Yamaha Corporation

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I hope Yamaha does as announced and let's Line 6 carry on without interference.. 

Yamaha software has to be some of the more difficult to use stuff around. 

I had the AW16G recorder for a number of years, a very capable 16 track to disk workstation with almost incomprehensible software running on it. 


My guess is you'll start seeing Yamaha speakers support the Line 6 digital speaker stuff from the M20D..

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I'm hoping that Yamaha will take what Line 6 is good at and run with it, similar to what Beringer has done with Midas, when they acquired Midas they utilized what they were already very successful and competitive at and used that in the x32, which is one of the mixers I was looking at before I found the M 20 D I'm really glad I made the choice on the M 20 D no doubt, but that x32 mixer is a pretty sweet.


It would also be nice if they leave the Line 6 name and productline the way it is and not just change everything to the Yamaha name, maybe let it be there Cadillac and even put out some of the same equipment with the Yamaha name At lower price.


Hopefully the marketing will get much better as well and they will get the product out there a lot more than Line 6 has been able to if it wasn't for the Internet and me searching for the functions I needed in a mixer, I probably would have never seen the M20D.

And here is a for instance, the guitar center that is closest to me doesn't even carry the M20 D in stock so people can't even come in and test drive it, I had to go all the way to the north side of Atlanta to the guitar center up there to even be able to see the system and put my hands on the mixer and test it out, now that's kind of silly if you ask me.

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