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Can you make the Smart Harmony...less smart?


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I'm trying to build a bass patch that splits and fakes a guitar, ala Royal Blood.  Doesn't have to be the same quality, I just want to fake some rhythm guitar during the guitar solos.

I have it split and going through the pitch glide at +12, I'd like to then turn that signal into 5ths and fake power chords.  Is there a way to do this with the smart Harmony? I would rather not have to pick the key of the song and just have it be simple like the 5ths setting on the DigiTech whammy.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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BJ, I know you know what you are talking about, but for the lesser experienced readers who may see the post and not be able to distinguish... 


You mean drop it to -5. Dropping a 5th would be -7, and would result in a different chord. 



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OP, I guess being a bass player, you may not know, and since no one mentioned... 


certain effects will react differently based on the effects the come before or after. 

for example -


you mentioned power chords. this means you want distortion. 

distortion before the pitch shift would result in individual distorted notes being played in harmony. 

but distortion after a pitch shift will result in your "power chord" because the multiple notes get distorted together. 

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you are right pianoguy about the -7 and the disortion placement effects the tone. 

DSP is the limitation for dual amp paths and three glides. One ideally on the bass amp side down an octave about 20% wet.



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