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Switching channels on an external amp


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Does none now any ultra simple step by step videos or anything to help me switch channels on an amp using my Helix rack? I want to  be able to hit a FS on my Rack controller and switch between two different channels on my amp. I am not using any amp models. It seems like it would. Be a simple deal as the rack even has an external FS jack. 

pardon my ignorance, but all of the videos I have seen are a little more complex than I want to go.

Something like:

a) run a cable from amp to Helix FS jack

b) go to.....etc.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are just controlling one amp and just the channel, not reverb or effects built into the amp, you can use a TS cable. For controlling 2 things you will need a trs cable. 

First press the settings button (the one with 3 horizontal lines). Then out of the options go to command center, I think the third knob. This should bring up a graphic that looks like a helix floor or helix control. Go to the switch location you want to assign the amp channel control to.

The first knob turn until it says ext amp. The second knob turn to both if just controlling one channel. If you want to call control 2 things you have to figure out which one is sleeve and which one is ring and assign them accordingly. 

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Keep in mind the Helix does "simple amp switching"... it shorts plugs. This was common on many amps, but there are many amps that use relays, resistor/cap/diode values, etc... to switch channels. You cannot change those with the Helix. 


You need to know how your amp handles channel switching in order to know whether or not the Helix will support it. 


@rwinking... What amp make/model do you have? 


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The amp I am wanting to switch is a modified Randall RM50. I am not sure if it uses shorting or not. Pretty much any on/off FS works I think. The stock pedal has two switches and goes out into two 1/4 “ jacks. One is for a boost and the other is for the channel switching. I kind of think it must be just on/off shorting?

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13 hours ago, rwinking said:

I kind of think it must be just on/off shorting?


You shouldn't make an assumption here... there are far too many options. If you have a multi meter, just test the switch to see what is happening when you click the buttons. OR... open the switch and take a look. If there is just a couple of wires connected to the jack... it's likely a shorting switch. If there are resistors and/or caps & diodes it's more complicated. 


Keep in mind the EXT AMP output on the Rack is TRS. You should use what is called an INSERT cable (TRS end to two 1/4 TS ends) to make the connections.  That provides two discreet controls, one to each TS end. However... none of that matters if your amp isn't basic shorting jacks. 

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