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Greenback in spider iv 30. Comments please

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I replaced the 30 watt 4 ohm Line 6 celestion with a 25 watt 8 ohm boost the output Im running a pedal pre input jack. I use the FBV to change channels and use the blues and clean mostly. Any thoughts or comments will be helpful.

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V=iR - V= voltage, i= current, R= resistance.  Assuming the amp's output is a steady current, you are doubling the voltage seen in the amp's output section.  Also, by boosting the input, you could overdrive the input section of the preamp..  Either one will not be good.  


But you posted this a year ago, how's it been working for you?

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I only used it out once since the swap it sounds fine in tbe house but i forgot i did it. When i saw it yesterday i searched and found my own thread and a vague answer! Thanks for the response. Ill swap it back before i use it out.


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-- Hope it isn't new, you just voided the warranty by not using a speaker of the same impedance.


-- What fflbrgst said. Impedance matching,... the output load must be matched with the output impedance.

Never use anything other the speaker with the same Ohms impedance, as it is matched up for that.


-- Greenbacks are shielded. Greenbacks are used where multiple speakers are used in one cabinet, and so are

shielded to prevent mutual inductance with non-shielded speakers in the same cabinet.


-- Using Greenbacks just because they're cool speakers is a waste of money, unless you have something

next to the cabinet that is sensitive to magnetic fields.


-- Be careful with the pre-input boost, don't want you crash the input circuit.


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