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Getting the POD HD500 to send tempo via MIDI


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Hi, I'm trying to use the MIDI Out on the POD HD500 to send tempo to a Boss SL-20's MIDI In (it can only receive tempo clock info apparently) to sync them up. However, hooking the POD's MIDI Out to the SL-20's MIDI In doesn't seem to sync up the tempo at all, even after changing the MIDI settings on the POD itself. Is the POD HD500 able to send tempo over MIDI or only receive? I don't really have much experience with MIDI so any help is appreciated.

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From the manual it just says this:

"The following MIDI messages are handled during synchronization with the SL-20.

• Timing Clock

• Start

• Continue

Timing Clock corresponding to the tempo is transmitted from the master device (external MIDI device). The slave device (SL-20) synchronizes its performance to the transmitted Timing Clock. Start and Continue MIDI messages are also transmitted when these operations are carried out with the master device (external MIDI device).Upon receiving the Start message from the external MIDI device, the SL-20 starts its slice pattern from the top. Upon receiving the Continue message, the SL-20 continues to playback from the current position in sync with the external MIDI device."

So from what I'm getting from your response is that the POD HD500's MIDI sends are more things like specific notes, right? That's too bad, but I guess I can always hook up the SL-20 to my DAW and copy the tempo to the POD HD from there.

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