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FBV Mkii Express "Click" Noise changing Banks.

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Hi Line 6 and users.


I have my second Line 6 FBV Express Mkii pedal, I wont go into what happened to the 1st one, I will leave that for another post.....


I have noticed that sometimes when I change sub-banks, say from A to B on a main bank (1 - 50) there is a sudden "click" noise, sometimes

it is soft and sometimes it is very noticeable. on other banks it is a smooth transfer from one sub-bank to another.


Does anyone know why this happens?

Is there a setting in the Spider Valve Mkii Edit software that causes this or can take it away as I use the Spider Valve MkII Edit software alot

to customize my sound?


Note: I do use the Line 6 custom tones from the Line 6 website for easy reference to some songs, are they maybe the problem?



Bruce Ryder


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Note:  not changing 'banks' (which is only done at the amp when using an Express pedal), but changing patches.    I would suspect its something in the difference between the two patch settings, most likely gain or distortion FX.

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