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500 Vs 500x


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Howdy all.


To start off with - and a little off topic, (but there's a point here so bare with me) I've started running the pod iPad app through audiobus and into GarageBand to record, or amplitube for its great song loop feature.

The tones are awesome - much better than both others I just mentioned hence the audiobus link.

So it's gotten me back into my DT 25 with my second hand 300 that I bought for $120. I've got a beautiful Marshall 2x12 square Cab with English made speakers (greenbacks I think) that look like it was designed to go with the amp.


But I've never been able to get the pod through amp with the link to sound like the amp on its own - particularly channel IV. But I concede that it's probably operator error...

So I'm looking to upgrade to a 500x - but you can now buy a 500 a fair bit cheaper due to the new model being out.

Is there a link to the differences? And if not, apart from the higher processing power and the new buttons; what are the differences between the two?

Are there more features, amps, sounds etc etc??? Has anyone noticed an improved quality to the sounds?

It would be great if the looper had a feature where you could store different loops as per the boss rc 3 etc or the jamman series.



And whilst I'm here I'm currently addicted to Californication. Anyone into it?

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Happy Christmas!

Answering last first.

After series one of Californication just got degrading to me. 

I am a young 55 and prefer light shows like Castle. LOLOL


Apart from what you mention there is no difference between the HD500 or X.


The 300 would sound better into the pwr amp of your amp. Use EDIT and you pretty much have most of the amp models.

Try the output toggle switches as these set wrong sound aweful.


You will get a few more FX, lots more flexibility on the HD500. There is a dedicated connector too.

I can see your question.


I personally find just the amps on their own to be very good with some tweaking.

Try the 300 with no FX just amp model n the pwr amp in and if you like it then the 500 will be more flexible

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Merry Christmas to you too....

Back to the topic at hand..... I'm not into 'degenerate' sort of stuff, but Califormocation and the bravado it puts on is what does it for me... It's brave in that way. Sex in the city for guys.... And funny as, as well as being poignant at times. As his layer says in series 4 says, it's about a guy desperately trying to keep it together as his life falls apart around him (due usually to his own hand)

I can sorta relate a little as I've separated from my wife a year ago.


What do you mean the 300 would sound better into the power section of the amp??? You don't mean NOT using the L6 Link do you?

I also take it you don't mean stick with the 300 and not go to a 500(x)



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There is no difference I know of besides the two you have already mentioned. Buttons and DSP limit. As far as Californication it is where I stopped listening. To me the reign of the RHCP ended with Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic. One of the best albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Frusciante is a genius.

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He was talking about a TV series with David Duchovny of X-Files fame.  Me, I never got over the loss of Hillel Slovak, but Frusciante is an original for sure. 


As far as the TV series: I got hooked on that for a while until a friend pointed out how cliched the premise and cheap the writing is.  I started to become disenchanted and the spell of my Duchovny man crush (us X-Files fans all had that) was finally broken.  Same thing happened with Entourage.  Pivens just couldn't carry it for me anymore.  Seriously, it all wasn't going anywhere and I was sort of offended by both series after while.  I did however watch the entire UK Shameless.  It was much funnier, and more poignant in some ways.  I don't think I got one good laugh out of Californication when I think about it.  Too many shows, so little time.

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Never once caught a fish.

Never once tied a proper knot.

Never once watched an episode of x files.... But the funny thing is that I'm still entertained by Mulder (?) playing Moody.

Yeah - some of the writing is cheap.

But it happened from the first series (why wasn't his brand new Porsche insured so he got a payout when it was carjacked? Why didn't he trade the old one) so it's sort of ok.

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