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Spider IV 75 schematics

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on my amp spider IV 75, the power amp TDA7293 smoke when I turn on the power. I can hear a little boom in the speaker the the TDA blows and smell.

I replaced the TDA component by it happen again


all the logic, master board and pre-amp stage seems to be working. If I plug my phone playing music in the MP3 entry and an audio headset in the external jack, I can hear the music, and master volume control also works in this case


any idea on what happens?  


the amp is out of warranty, and pretty old so a repair done by a service center is not a reasonable economic solution


 finding the wiring schematics of the amp would help if anyone could provide it? 


Thanks in advance for your advices 



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I have more than 6 Line 6 amplifiers.  Two of them don't turn on.  I want to look for a Schematic so that I can try to repair it myself.  Providing Schematics is standard practice for all amplifier manufacterers.  Line 6 needs to post them.  How can I fix the amps.  In this case both are Line 6 IV 15 watt amplifiers.  I didn't see a fuse in them.  If they have a fuse please let me know where it is.  Also, if the Transformer is the problem, where can I get replacement parts?

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" Schematics is standard practice for all amplifier manufacturers.  " ---

1) Not quite standard practice, especially for those companies with proprietary elements in their products.

2) So not all manufacturers do it.

3) Line 6 doesn't know the tech abilities of people out there, beyond the authorized service centers. So there are other issues related to that. Too many claim to be techs, get in above their heads, then the product ends up on my bench,... sometimes in worse shape.


Replacement parts,... what ever available-to-the-public parts there are, would be available through Full Compass.


Line 6 is very protective of its IP, the company consul loves sending out cease and desist letters. Best to stay away from the schematics.


Unfortunately, there may almost no parts available for your amp, due to its age. Most all spare parts for that have been used up. Your amp pre-dates my arrival to Line 6 some 12+ years ago.

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