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on my amp spider IV 75, the power amp TDA7293 smoke when I turn on the power. I can hear a little boom in the speaker the the TDA blows and smell.

I replaced the TDA component by it happen again


all the logic, master board and pre-amp stage seems to be working. If I plug my phone playing music in the MP3 entry and an audio headset in the external jack, I can hear the music, and master volume control also works in this case


any idea on what happens?  


the amp is out of warranty, and pretty old so a repair done by a service center is not a reasonable economic solution


 finding the wiring schematics of the amp would help if anyone could provide it? 


Thanks in advance for your advices 



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Schematics are not available.

Chances are the output amp board is damaged, Line 6 authorized service the the only option.

Log a Support ticket with Line 6 Customer Support.


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