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Apparently, as I am learning on this site,  in order to update the Spider IV 75, you need the FBV Shortboard **MKII**.   This was a rude awakening to me, since I just bought the Spider IV 75, and got the FBV Shortboard (literally just got it today) thinking I could at least update some of the presets. BUT NO.   ** heavy sigh**    Anyone out there with a litte Spider experience have any advise on how we can get the new presets that I just worked on in the editor, to be transferred to the amp without having to spend another $200+?

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You can pick up a used FBV Express Mkii (the smaller pedal board) for around $60 and that'll get you hooked up to a computer through it's USB. Look on Guitar Center's Used gear or ebay. Make sure you see the big dots on the Wah/Volume pedal or it isn't a mkii.

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