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POD HD500 Foot switch FS3 broken


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I have an issue on my great POD HD500 with foot switch FS3. Specifically, I found it broken with spring out of slot.

I am unable to find any way to mount it properly. If I click on the button underneath it works, so it's not electronic, just the switch to be mounted correctly.

I am attaching some pics, can anybody help me? I hope this is not irremediably broken and need a replacement.







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I haven't opened one of these up, but from my electronics background and looking at the button out of the slot, that recessed ring around the bottom of the button shaft suggests that it's missing its retaining ring. Basically a circular clip that goes on after it is pushed through the hole to the other side of the button assembly to keep it from popping out. If you open it up, you'll probably find it floating around in there somewhere (could shake it and probably hear it rattle around as well). You should do this anyway as they're metal and the loose piece could short something out on the circuit board.


Here's an idea of what you might be looking for (there are many varieties...probably one of the open ended ones is what you'd find:



Hope this helps,


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If you get it opened up and find you don't have a quick FIX for the switch.... AND if you don't use the looper. Just swap the two switches. On my unit the Looper switch is my spare switch... it is never touched so it is essentially new. If one ever dies, I'll just swap it out - LOL


These are just actuators that push the real switch under it.... there shouldn't be any soldering required to swap switches.

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