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Restore Flextone Iii Factory Models

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Is there a way to restore the factory model settings to their original values and without affecting the currently saved presets under the A, B, C, D buttons?  For the most part, all but one of the amp/cab models is fine.  However, there's just no way the Blackface Lux can be right.  It's very thin and the level is much lower than other similar amp/cab settings.  I suspect that the previous owner had somehow modified and saved this... if that's possible.  Hope that's the case and that I can get it back to something more reasonable.

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Well, no, it's no possible without loosing the a.b,c,d.what you can do, is take a midi cable, connect it to the amp-computer, and save the a-b-c-d bsnks, or see their presetes and write them down before you make a factory reset.

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The problem is that I do not have computer/amp bi-directional communication via midi.  I've tried the MIO usb interface and the M-Audio MIDISport UNO usb interface and neither of those work.  MIDI out of computer to MIDI in of amp work OK... I think, since I see activity on the UNO Out LED, but I see nothing on the In LED.  I'm pretty much arriving at several conclusions:


  1. Since I keep seeing MS GS Wavetable synth device in windows 7 64 bit control panel there may be a windows issue
  2. The MIDI out port on the flextone may be malfunctioning, but I have no way to test that.

One thing I did was check to see the amp and cab combinations for the Blackface Lux.  If I'm reading the manual in the cabinets section correctly, the combination of Blackface Lux and Jazz Clean should be the right thing.  When I initially checked, it was mapped to the '53 Celestion Blue Bell.  What I'm not sure of is whether the mapping should be Blackface Lux -> Fender '63 Vibroverb.


So I believe I have the amp/cab setup correct now, unless someone can tell me different.


I'd like to know if there's some diagnostic I can perform to test the midi ports on the flextone.

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