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Helix Stomp - external switch Tap Tempo?


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Hey! I am helping a friend set his stomp up and he wants an external tap tempo switch. I was able to reassign button 3 and then use at TRS cable to set up the external switch but the tempo isn't responding. If I press hold, it goes to the tuner. otherwise, it goes from 0 to 8000ms if I press or let go. I have 3 switches I am trying, just in case: an MXR tap, a strymon mini and a boss Boss FS-5U (momentary) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Did you manage to work this one out?

I have the same problem. I've got an external 2 button footswitch. I've setup FS5 to be tap/tuner in the global settings. The long press will give me the tuner but the standard presses won't register my tap tempo.

Has anyone got any solutions to this.

I'm using the stomp on c3.01 if it makes any difference. 




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