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Hey Line 6,

how about creating a product design forum, where members of the public can post proposed design concepts

which you may take up.


Perhaps consider making posts on such a forum only viewable by Line 6 product designers.

I would also recommend that you reward people who come up with original ideas / design concepts,

as there is nothing like someone taking your idea and not even saying thanks to pee your customers off.


You never know, you may even be able to find new innovative designs and designers from such a forum

which you could snap up before anyone else does.


You may even find an original designer such as myself, who not only has a basic understanding of electronics, embedded electroincs, sound engineerings but also knows how the end user thinks (being also a guitarist and dance music producer).


you never know. But I guess too many companies have their head stuck up their asses working on old designs or reworking an old design, to be bothered when something new, usable and usuful pops up. Too busy to see the idea walk straight by and once it has gone past, the companies then copy what they got given on a plate months and sometimes years before...


But there ya go. Thats life i guess. Just an idea.

Cheers amigos



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