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[Solved] What is wrong with Hx DSP Values?


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Do you guys use Helix DSP Values?
"Helix allows 16 inputs per path so the values I have assigned are based on a DSP being one 16th. So If an effect has a value of 2 then you potentailly can have 8 of them in one path."
says the author of that sheet. It works for me in case of amps and FXs but...
2048 IR loader has 2.6 value and can be loaded only once per path.
What is wrong?


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I think the answer is 2 cells below to what I quoted:
"Note some items are restricted by the Helix software which only allows a certain qty per path. Eg AMPs, CAB's, Irs etc.
As such if an amp+cab has a value of 6 then you can use other effects for the remaining 14 DSP."

Some kind of limitation the software developer only knows why. Two amps/cabs/1024 IRs or one 2048 IR per DSP path.

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That is an interesting list. I'm surprised at little DSP the compressors take (other than the Dyna <insert puzzled emoticon here>) and how much some of the amps require. Of course I expect the amps to do most of the heavy lifting, but some consume more than half the power of a single DSP.  


That's not a complaint... just an observation :) 

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