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HX Stomp Global and Routing


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First time posting here, been lurking for a while reading up all I can about the HX Stomp. I'm a complete noob when it comes to digital effects. I'm gonna take the plunge and get one but wanted to check a few things before i do.


The main way i'm hoping to use it is with a preamp block with various effects into the power amp section of my Fender HRD amp for onstage monitoring, with a mix going out to the PA. With this in mind:


1. Does this option mean all the volume for my amp will be controlled from the stomp and will this be loud enough (the amp is 40 watts but I'm not sure if this is determined by the preamp or power amp stage)? Will I get significant volume loss?


2. Has anyone tried this option using real OD/boost pedals in front of the stomp and does it sound good with preamp blocks?


3. Will I have to set up separate amp/cab (or IR blocks) for the split path going to the PA or can i just use a single IR block using the same preamp block that's going to the HRD?


4. I'm not the most tech savvy player and i'm a little put off by all the global options (i.e impedance input level etc). Has anybody found these options to be overwhelming? I'm hoping to just be able to plug in and play for the most part.


Many thanks,



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