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POD HD 400 DELAY TAILS please help

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Hi there.. i just bought podhd 400, and i got this problem.. all of my delays/modulations has no TAIL. i really need the "tail" option badly. pls pls help.. thank you!

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If you mean "no TAIL on delays" when changing patches, that's a feature missing also from the HD500/X (and many other similar products), even if with the latter there would be a workaround by doing basically 2 mutually exclusive patches into 1 by taking advantage of the available double chain.


If you instead have no TAIL when you simply switch off your delays but staying in the same patch, that would have been a very bad design by L6 , and I guess that this is not the case.


In the HD500/X there is a "Trails on/off" setting (probably missing from the HD400/300) which normally should be set to "on", which however has to do only with what happens to the delay tails staying in the same patch, not when changing patches. The optional "Trails off" setting is there only for those specific and quite rare cases where you could need the dealy tails to be cut abruptly as soon as you switch off the relate effect.



All about POD HD500/X

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