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how to record with phones/record out

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Hi I have been using line 6 iv 15 for almost 2 years but I never used phones/record out , so I want to know how to use this and record my riffs on pc. What do I need to record ? programmes cables e.t.c

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Ok, first you have to understand that the amp puts out a stereo signal over a 3-wire connector (left-right-common).  What audio input(s) does your computer have?  Most these days do not have line-in inputs these days, just a 'mic in', which is a mono-input.  Some laptops have a combination headphone/mic jack (4 connectors - left, right, mic, common).

If your computer has a mic input, you can take an adapter cable to go from the stereo amp output, changes it to mono to the mic input jack.

BUT (see that - Big But) - the audio card in your computer is really not made for recording purposes.  It's made to reproduce all the 'bells and whistles' and to play (barely adequately) the audio from youtube videos, etc.

To really be able to record audio, you also need to be able to monitor (listen to) previously recorded tracks - ones you have recorded, or backing tracks you have downloaded into your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation - in other words, recording software).  The built-in audio card in your computer is not designed for that, and if you can do it at all there will probably be a noticeable lag (delay, called 'latency') between input and output.

So to record with monitoring capability and low latency, you need to use an external audio interface, typically connecting through USB, which then takes the place of your computer's internal audio card when recording/playing back recordings.  Headphones and/or speakers would be connected to the audio interface, not your computer's audio outputs.


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